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The Video Port PCI is used to bring RS-170 video into a PC. The Video Port PCI features 640x480 video capture, better video quality and better CPU utilization than external Video Ports. We recommend the Video Port PCI for desktop or tower type of PCs and all applications, especially for streaming video, which is very CPU-intensive. This card works well with CoolScreen and other MVP Products. Through the Video Port PCI, NTSC or PAL images (color or monochrome) are converted to digital images and displayed on CoolScreen Products.



640x480 pixels @ 30fps video capture
Video compression (up to 48:1) for saving to disk drive
640x480 pixels @ 16.8M colors still image capture or scan
Scaleable video window size (80x60 to 640x480 pixels)
Fully synchronized audio with video capture
Full-screen live video on DirectDraw-capable graphics cards
Fast Internal Video Capture Device.
2 video inputs, RS-170, SVHS.
Use your camcorder or any video source.
30 fps capture full motion video.
Pentium® or better recommended.
16MB RAM minimum.
One free PCI slot.
Windows 98, NT 4.0, Win 2000, XP.
Video Port PCI [mpvsk-VPPCI] $225 plus tax and shipping

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Motion Video Products
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30 day money back guarantee on all orders. Specify which product that you want to order and the quantity. An invoice will be e-mailed (pdf) and sent with the unit. Payment terms are 30-days net by check or wire transfer. Dealer inquires welcomed.



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