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Operate your camera from a safe distance when working on hazordious applications

Save your video images remotely

Work "wireless" up to 10 miles Line-Of-Sight (LOS)

Fast to learn & simple to use

Use an optional interface (ImagePac-R) to bridge between a FireWire camera and a Ethernet interface

Remote 10 datasheet


The simple solution – you will find Remote 10 will provide the stand-off distance you need to control your high speed camera for safety. Up to 10 mile line-of-sight control is possible with the Remote 10 system. Designed for rugged use, you will be able to control your high-speed camera as well as download images from a safe distance. Electronic cameras use DRAM memory. If you lose power during the time when you must keep your distance, your test images are gone. Using Remote 10 allows you to see “Quick Look” playback of images as well as control the camera.

Connecting the camera in the field is easy. Just connect Remote 10 local unit to your camera's network interface. The Remote 10 antenna is pointed toward your stand-off location. At the stand-off location, you connect Remote 10’s control unit to your PC (laptop) network interface (Ethernet). Remote 10’s network interface will then allow communication with the local unit. It is as if you were standing next to the camera and controlling it except you are up to 10 miles line-of-sight from the camera. Shown below is the system’s block diagram and a picture of the Remote 10 system.


10-mile wireless operation Line-Of-Sight
Ordnance Testing
Rugged shipping case and all cables & antennas included
Hazardous Material Testing
Operate your camera from the same interface that you were trained to use
Intercept Tracking



Remote 10 [mpvsk-Remote10] $7000 plus tax and shipping

ImagePac-R [mpvsk-ImagePacR] $1950 plus tax and shipping

Place a Purchase Order by e-mail (pdf) or mail to:

e-mail: mvp@motionvideoproducts.com

Motion Video Products
3949 Clairemont Drive, Suite 18
San Diego, Ca. 92117

30 day money back guarantee on all orders. Specify which product that you want to order and the quantity. An invoice will be e-mailed (pdf) and sent with the unit. Payment terms are 30-days net by check or wire transfer. Dealer inquires welcomed.


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