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Save your images without a PC in the field

After saving your images, transfer them to your PC by Ethernet or USB 2.0 in your office

Fast to learn & simple to use

Display images to a standard video monitor

Select either full download or the starting & ending image

Select which image format for download or use the default AVI format

+12 VDC power

Custom menus & configurations optional


ImagePac Datasheet

The simple solution - archiving your images from a high-speed camera in the field is easy. Just connect ImagePac to the camera, press the download button and the images will be downloaded automatically. You can select a starting frame and ending frame or download the entire session. If your high speed camera has an auto-record function and images are downloaded after triggering, the camera will rearm itself for the next trigger.

ImagePac has a rugged design for use in an outside environment in the field. It is battery operated or it can be run off a 12 VDC power supply. After downloading images, take ImagePac to your office and transfer to your USB disk ,DVD R/W or read the images from your workstation via the Ethernet interface. What could be easier and simpler for downloading high speed images than ImagePac. No tedious menus, no washout of your laptop’s monitor from the sun and you get the images saved safely away from accidental loss.

One-button download, rugged design, compact and stand alone operation
Can operate as a PC by connecting a USB keyboard/mouse & RGB monitor
No laptop or computer required to operate. No washout of the high contrast LCD screen
Supports USB 2.0, IEEE-1394, and 100 mb Ethernet
Remote operation through Ethernet
Very portable - 120 x 120 x 46.2 mm & < 700 g


Up, Down, Left, Right & Enter - navigation buttons for moving the cursor on the LCD screen
Power On/Off, Power Input, (2) USB ports, (2) IEEE-1394 ports, Ethernet, RS-170 (NTSC or PAL), RGB
4-line 40 alpha-numeric LCD screen, LCD Contrast Adjustment, +12 VDC Power LED
Turn Off ImagePac power is removed
Record starts camera recording
Export Images writes saved images to an external USB/Firewire drive
Auto Download Off/On starts camera in auto download after each recording
Manual Download downloads the starting & ending frame selected
FS+000001 E+000001 selects the starting and ending frame for download
FMT Tiff selects the image format for download
ImagePac [mpvsk-ImagePac 1.0] $3000 plus tax and shipping

Place a Purchase Order by e-mail (pdf) or mail to:

e-mail: mvp@motionvideoproducts.com

Motion Video Products
3949 Clairemont Drive, Suite 18
San Diego, Ca. 92117

30 day money back guarantee on all orders. Specify which product that you want to order and the quantity. An invoice will be e-mailed (pdf) and sent with the unit. Payment terms are 30-days net by check or wire transfer. Dealer inquires welcomed.


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