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CoolVT detects motion within the NTSC or PAL video sequence at 30 or 25 fps respectively

Trigger area can be resized and moved by the user with the mouse cursor

Detection threshold can be adjusted by the user

When a video trigger is detected, a TTL trigger pulse is sent out a special adapter on the pc parrallel port which is used to trigger a high speed camera

You can adjust the video sample rate from very slow to the NTSC or PAL frame rate.

Low cost solution to difficult trigger applications


The simple solution - for capturing objects that moves within the Field-Of-View. Although the sample rate is a maximum of 30 fps, even fast moving object may be detected with CoolVT, if at least one frame falls within the target area and captured at standard video rate. Most high speed digital cameras have the pre/post triggering capability. This means that images before the trigger and after the trigger are captured until memory is filled. Combining CoolVT as the trigger source for the high speed camera, most events can be detected. Most high speed digital cameras have a standard video (NTSC or PAL) video out. This video out can be used as the video input to CoolVT.

If a standard video camera is used as the source for CoolVT looking at an area where something may movewe call object A. A second camera (high speed) can be position to capture another view where looking at object B. Once object A moves, the end results is that object B will change. However, one camera can not capture both since they are seperated by a large distance. This is very useful for cause & effect testing!


Input NTSC (30 fps) or PAL (25 fps) video
Selectable for multiple trigger detection
(2) TTL trigger outputs, BNC male
Threshold & frequency adjustment for triggering
Trigger delay adjustment
includes parrallel port adapter for trigger out



CoolVT-10 [mpvsk-CoolVT-10] $325 plus tax and shipping

Place a Purchase Order bye-mail (pdf) or mail to:

e-mail: mvp@motionvideoproducts.com

Motion Video Products
3949 Clairemont Drive, Suite 18
San Diego, Ca. 92117

30 day money back guarantee on all orders. Specify which product that you want to order and the quantity. An invoice will be e-mailed (pdf) and sent with the unit. Payment terms are 30-days net by check or wire transfer. Dealer inquires welcomed.


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