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CoolCalc LSR for Palm is a simply lens calculator. Designed to assist in the setup of a film and electronic cameras. Whether you are in the field or the studio, CoolCalc LSR for Palm is a handy reference for lens selection & setup. Camera formats supported include 35mm, 16mm, 4x5, 5x7, 6x6, 6x7, APS (H, C, & P) as well as electronic.

CoolCalc LSR for Palm is very intuitive and fast to use. You can calculate the Focal Length, the object distance (D) or the Field-of-View (FOV). Select the camera type and then begin moving the slide bars to get the selected calculation (highlighted in yellow). As you move the slide bars, you can instantly see what needs to be done to set your lens for the scene that you want.

Updates to CoolCalc LSR for Palm are available from MVP as new camera formats or calculations become available. CoolCalc LSR for Palm operates on Palm OS 3.5 or above. A Shareware version may be downloaded below as an exe or zip file. The Shareware version is fully functional. However, you will be reminded politely that this is not a FREEWARE program and you may purchase one with no NAG Screens from MVP. The purchased version will also include new updates for camera formats and new calculations when available.

Helps to select a lens for a given FOV or Working Distance. and fast to use.
Helps to select the Working Distance for a given a lens FL and a scene FOV.
Helps to set the FOV for a scene given a Lens FL and the Working Distance.
Camera format supported: 35mm, 16mm, 4x5, 5x7, 6x6, 6x7, APS-H, APS-C, APS-P and Electronic
CoolCalc LSR for Palm [mpvsk-23] $40 plus tax and shipping
  Shareware Download
COOLCALC LSR for PALM (Color).zip (578 KB)
COOLCALC LSR for PALM (Mono).zip (578 KB)
  Video Demo
COOLCALC LSR for PALM Video Demo.zip (580 KB)

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