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Works with cameras that have a Bayer Color Filter Array (CFA) and the images can be saved as Bayer images

Save your video images in a compact Bayer format (1/3 the size of color images) and process them later with Color Optimizer to produce accurate color images

Select the Bayer color filter pattern from the user interface

Color Conversion is fast and simply

You can adjust:

  • black level
  • sharpening edge detail
  • white balance
  • color matrix derived or pre-selected
  • gamma
  • hue & saturation

Fast to learn & simple to use

Designed for Window OS - 2000 or XP

Requires a MacBeth Color Checker ™ which is available as an option


Color Optimizer Product Sheet

MVP Color Optimizer is a software tool that optimizes the color image quality achievable from single chip imagers that use a Bayer-pattern color filter array. Available as an IP core for either Xilinix or Altera FPGA or an Active X control (COM), MVP Color Optimizer is easily integrated into most applications that run on a PC under the Windows Operating System.

MVP Color Optimizer determines and corrects deficiencies inherent in the capture of color images when using a camera with a single-chip Color Filter Array (CFA) sensor. MVP Color Optimizer works to minimize color artifacts (e.g. "rainbow-colored edges") and renders the colors in the image to more closely match that of the original object (i.e. ISCC-like device-independent color rendering). MVP Color Optimizer performs these tasks automatically with little or no user intervention.

Optimal color quality is achieved by imaging a color target, such as the MacBeth Color Checker ™ . MVP Color Optimizer automatically extracts and analyzes the data from the image of the color target and determines parameters that provide the optimal image quality achievable for your images. Once determined, these parameters are then serialized and saved for future processing of images.

Multiple image frames and sequences are easily processed (i.e. optimally converted to full color images) via a simple command sequence.

Bayer Color Conversion made easy
Still Imaging where correct color is required
User adjustable Black Level, White Balance, Color Enhancement, Edge Enhancement & Gamma Correction
High Speed Video
Most standard file formats are supported for reading and saving image files as 8, 10, 12 and 16 bit formats
Scanned Imaging

Multiple image frames are easily and rapidly processed

Embedded color processing for digital camera design

Optimizer SU (single user license) [mpvsk-OptimizerSU] $200 plus tax and shipping

Optimizer CP (corporate license) [mpvsk-OptimizerCP] $2000 plus tax and shipping
Optimizer CR (IP core license) [mpvsk-OptimizerCR] Call for a quote
MacBeth Color Checker ™ [mpvsk-MCC] $350 plus tax and shipping

Place a Purchase Order by e-mail (pdf) or mail to:

e-mail: mvp@motionvideoproducts.com

Motion Video Products
3949 Clairemont Drive, Suite 18
San Diego, Ca. 92117

30 day money back guarantee on all orders. Specify which product that you want to order and the quantity. An invoice will be e-mailed (pdf) and sent with the unit. Payment terms are 30-days net by check or wire transfer. Dealer inquires welcomed.


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