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Motion Video Products, a firm specializing in custom and standard products that support vision based equipment and high speed video applications. We develop turnkey solutions for vision based systems requiring high resolution or high speed imaging cameras.
We offer standard products for high speed cameras:
Portable image archive systems
Remote control of cameras up to 10 miles distance
Video adapters for laptops and ultra small video recorders
Programs that improve your color quality in your images
Programs for detecting motion within an image
Programs for calculating the camera lens & operating requirements for your application, simplflying your work
We offer our Electronic, Mechanical and Imaging expertise to:
provide a custom CCD or CMOS Image Sensor or Custom Mix-Signal Design solution including IP Blocks
integrate a vision based system as a turnkey solution for your application
provide technical consulting on applications, products and markets relating to imaging
design custom user interfaces for your application
repackage a camera system for extreme environments
provide a network of technical experts to work as a part of your imaging design team
advise on various manufactures equipment performance for evaluation fit to your application






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