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High Speed Digital Imaging

Kris Balch (MVP) literally wrote the book, well the chapter on High Speed Videography. This popular book, "High Speed Photography and Photonics", edited by Sidney F. Ray, Focal Press 1997, is a great technical reference and the section on High Speed Videography can be found on page 99.

MVP has over 22 years of experience with high speed video, begenning with the Spin Physics (Kodak) SP2000 to todays most advanced high speed digital camera. We have experience with many high speed digital cameras including::

Kodak SP2000
Photron Ultima SE
Kodak Ektapro TR
Photron Ultima APX
Kodak Ektapro EM
Photron Ultima 1024
Kodak Ektapro RO
Photron Ultima 512
Kodak Ektapro HG
Photron Fastcam SA1
Kodak Ektapro HRC
Photron Fastcam SA2
Vision Research Phantom V4
Photron Fastcam SA3
Vision Research Phantom V5
Photron Fastcam SA5
Vision Research Phantom V7
Photron Fastcam MC2
Vision Research Phantom V9
Photron Fastcam MH4
Vision Research Phantom V10
Photron Fastcam 1280 PCI
Redlake MotionScope
Photron Fastcam 512 PCI
Redlake MotionMeter
Photron Fastcam R2 PCI
Redlake HG 100K
Photron Fastcam SR
Redlake Y-Series
NAC Merecam K5
NAC Memrecam CI
NAC Memrecam fx RX-4
NAC Memrecam C3
NAC HSV 500/1000
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