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Motion Video Products has provided many custom designs and system integration solutions over the years. Some of our innovations include:

  • extremely fast video capture software for use in an innovative camera pen to capture the signatures of sports celebrities signing sports memorabilia.
  • design solution for repackaging of a high speed camera into a folded mirror package used in a DARPA Star Wars program.
  • remote communication (microwave) hardware for a range application that required control of a set of cameras several miles away in a line-of-sight.
  • extensive mechanical design for Hy-G housings we provided on a Federal program to improve train crash worthiness .

These are just a few of the solutions provided by MVP when a Client needed a solution for their application.

On the right are some of our technical papers on high resolution & high speed imaging. Over the years, we have chaired many imaging programs during various SPIE meetings, sat on Eastman Kodak's 20 year Advanced product committee for next generation vision products, authored a number of patents, over 22 technical papers, publish in several journals and wrote the chapter on high speed videography in the widely used book, "High Speed Photography and Photonics", edited by Sidney F. Ray, Focal Press 1997.

In most situations, we can bring a cost effective timely solution for your imaging application.







Technical Papers

16 bit HS Digital Cameras

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Electronic Imaging

Rolling vs Global Shutter

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

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Close-Up Imaging (Diopters)

Close-Up Imaging (Ext Tubes)

Camera Return-On-Investment

SPIE paper Kodak HRC

SPIE paper Airborne Camera

Kodak HS4540 Technologies

SPIE Kodak RO Crash Testing

SNR & Dynamic Range



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