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CCD & CMOS Image Sensors

Motion Video Products has been involved with over 14 custom sensor designs and numerous camera designs, including ultra high resolution CCD, high speed CIS, intensified CIS and high resolution-high speed linear sensors.

If you never have ventured into the custom image sensor design process, MVP can match the right design house with the right sensor technology and managed the sensor development process as part of your design team. We have a track record of bringing leading-edge sensor technology to Clients who need a "break-through" product. We remain current with many of the world's top sensor designer, both in CCD & CMOS. Our contacts and knowledge base, originally developed while at Eastman Kodak, has continued to expand over the last 10 years. We have applied this experience in industrial, commercial, prosummer and specialized fields of electronic imaging.

Based on MVP's expertise, Kris Balch served on the US Government's SITAC committee for advising on export controls for electronic imaging to the Department of Commerce. We have held clearances for working on DOD projects.

MVP has helped many Clients get the image sensor technology they need for their next generation products.

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