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Advanced Technical Photoshoot

Motion Video Products is highly experienced in solving complex photoshoots. Advanced technical photoshoot's that require an Engineer's understanding and the experience of over 21 years in high-speed video. Many of the recording techniques used in today's high-speed video cameras were invented by Kris Balch while serving as Eastman Kodak MASD Technical Director. We understand the full spectrum of applying the advance technology of high speed video to a wide spectrum of applications.

We have conducted jobs for Clients where as many as 14 cameras were synchronized and downloaded for immediate viewing of images after a test. We are experienced using high speed digital cameras from Kodak, Photron, IDT, Vision Research, Redlake, and NAC. We have designed high speed digital cameras and analyzed their performance which provides a very high level of expertise for supporting your application.

Our rates are very competative. Our fees can be on a daily or hourly rate. Travel expense are in addition to either a daily or hourly rate. This fee is only for labor for setup and operation of a high speed digital camera. Our fees are listed below.

Daily Rate $500/day up to 8 hrs per day, hourly rate after the first 8 hours
Hourly Rate $125 / hour ( 2 hour minimum)
Travel plus expenses


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