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2D & 3D Motion Analysis

Motion Video Products is experienced in analyzing high-speed digital images that require 2D or 3D measurement of motion within an image sequence. We can coordinate or advise the survey of a site that will be under test. We have dealt with image sequences that were captured under difficult conditions, yielding poor image quality for motion tracking, yet we have extracted the data for our Customers using sophisticated tracking methods. We have done many 3D motion analysis sequences and provided to our Clients extensive reports on the results.

We are experienced with various motion analysis software including ImageExpress, MotionTools, and Pro Analysist.

We quote on a per job bases, either a fixed price or a price not to exceed, depending on the number of points that need tracking, whether it is 2D or 3D, the number of images to be analyzed, if the image sequences are poor quality, requiring special handling and the number of cameras views to be analyzed. Typical time to do a motion analysis runs approximately one hour per camera view to 3 hours for a poor quality image sequence.


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